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July 22, 2013
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Mafia Academy - Project (OCs) by Citrus-Foreno Mafia Academy - Project (OCs) by Citrus-Foreno
Finally! Got this out!:iconthegloryofplz: Sorry for the grammar errors and/or typos; because I had to rush this...:iconlazypoolplz:

Main Characters:

Name: Kevin Gallo
Age: 17 y-o
Birthday: 4th March
Nationality: 3/4 Italian - 1/4 American

Family: Second son of a mafia boss.

> A narcissist
> Big-headed
> Clumsy
> Acts without thinking first
> Sometimes acts like an idiot in front of/to the girl he (by conscious or not) likes, but a wannabe playboy/flirt-er when meeting a pretty girl (and other than the girl he liked). So, he could be described like Dr. Shamal, but not as bad as him
> Will think seriously, and acts maturely enough when his friends are in trouble
> Even though he looked like a teen that likes to bully people, he is actually kind and considerate. If you didn't count his annoying personality, that is

> Messy, but somewhat stylish blond hair
> A pair of bright blue eyes
> A lean, tall (179 cm), steady figure. And had a few muscles on some parts because of the constant training he got

Flame: Sky

Weapon: A metal whip that was made of chains

Box Animal: ...a rooster '-')

Name: Kirito Kato
Age: 17 y-o
Birthday: 12th April
Nationality: Japanese

Family: Oldest son of a Politicos

> Often lying (for either good or bad reasons) to people for his goals
> A sly person
> A rationalist, but sometimes a bit irrational

> Upper egg-like, somewhat messy bottom, shoulder length dark blue hair with bangs divided in the front
> A pair of dark purple eyes
> A bit pale, and tall body (178 cm)

Flame: Mist

Weapon: Small knives that is used in magic shows, or a kunai-like knives

Box Animal: A crow

Name: Natsumi Kagame
Age: 17 y-o
Birthday: 9th June
Nationality: English - Japanese

Family: Second daughter of a soldier

> Strong willed
> Likes to be alone/a loner
> A somewhat hikikomori otaku.
> Will help someone when in danger/badly needed

> brown shoulder length hair, while her bangs covers her right eye
> A left Red-Amber and right clear turquoise eyes (because of a childhood accident)
> An upright posture, slightly muscular, and normal height-ed (168 cm)

Flame: Cloud

Box Animal: A wolf

Weapon: None; hand-to-hand combats

Name: Hanako Himekawa
Age: 16 y-o
Birthday: 2nd August
Nationality: American - Japanese

Family: Daughter of a scientist

> A bit childish, even though she knew it
> Gets excited when seeing something interested
> Has a high sense of curiosity
> Sometimes acts mature/like her own age

> Yellowish-blonde hair, always tied in pigtails
> A pair of yellowish-gold eyes
> Has a small posture, short (152 cm), like a elementary student
> A slightly pale skin

Flame: Lightning

Weapon: Light metal arrows and bow

Box Animal: ...a marmot

Name: Nicola Ferrari
Age: 16 y-o
Birthday: 26th August
Nationality: Italian

Family: Daughter of the Mist and Rain division Varia members

> Cheerful
> A bit manipulative
> Likes psychology related things
> Takes care of a conflict by making both sides feel bad
> Independent
> Has an artistic soul

> Brown shoulder length hair, usually tied in a ponytail
> A pair of grayish-brown eyes
> An upright posture, body features, height 170 cm
> Athletic, but doesn't like sport related activities

Flame: Rain

Weapon: Metal fan

Box Animal: A bear

Name: Alexei Davidovich
Age: 17 y-o
Birthday: 14th February

Family: Son of a Russian Mafia boss

> Smart
> Has a strong Mother instinct
> Over-dramatic
> Good in cooking
> Avoiding unimportant conflicts

> Pale blond layered hair with eyebrow length bangs
> A pair of violet eyes
> An upright posture, fairly muscular body, height 182 cm
> Even though he's not quite athletic, he has a high durability and pain tolerance

Flame: Sun

Weapon: Stick

Box Animal: An eagle

Name: Cole Milford
Age: 16 y-o
Birthday: 31st October
Nationality: 7/8 American - 1/8 Italian

Family: Son of an NYPD detective

> Honest and didn't hesitate to tell the truth
> Sarcastic
> Learning from practical lessons, while the theoretical ones were ignored
> Good in History
> Quick in memorizing
> Always looking for a fight

> Spiky red hair with bangs to the sides
> A pair of dark green eyes
> An upright posture, muscular body, height 176 cm
> Athletic and flexible

Flame: Storm

Weapon: Rifle

Box Animal: A raccoon

Will be updated if there are any changes.

Done!:iconthegloryofplz: And um, after having a short talk with :iconroppiepop:; we agreed that if anyone who has an OC(s) who wants to participate in the project, we would gladly accept. ^^ But they won't be in the main characters and we'll have to see if they're good enough and/or not mary-sue/gary-stu, sorry. ^^"

Well, the applications are like this. ^^

Family (optional):
Personality (in details, please):
Appearance (in details, please):
Box Animal (optional):
Other things I should know about him/her (optional):
His/her picture: [link]

:new:Relation with other characters: (I prefer if you make the relation in a different artwork, or maybe in your journal with the title "[your OC's name]'s relation journal". Since in a Mafia Academy one must be social with each other, right? :) You could make those relations with other MA OCs' creators, with their permission of course. ^^;)

When you're finished, just tag the link here okay? :)

Remember, this is based on the manga/anime "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" thank you. :)

If you have any questions, just ask me or :iconroppiepop:. ^^

Have a nice day. ^^

Uniform Art-Concept:…
About the rings:…

KHR (c) Akira Amano.
"Mafia Academy" Project (c) me and :iconroppiepop:
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Avenlie Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, They're awesome! *u* Hanako is just soo adorable thing ^^
Ah... I'd like to make an OC (Cuz I love to do it) but I'm still not so far in KHR... my fault :iconsulkplz:
Citrus-Foreno Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
R-really? ouo; I'm glad you thought so, then. ^^
 Oh it's okay, I'll wait for it then~ ouo/
Avenlie Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, really! :hug:
Citrus-Foreno Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Aw, thank you. :iconureshiiplz:
I'll be waiting for your OC then, Sandra. :iconureshiiplz:
Avenlie Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're so welcome, Tata ^u^

And okay~! Nice to know you will :D 
Citrus-Foreno Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Of course I will, it's great to see my friends had taken interest in this. :iconureshiiplz:
Avenlie Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yayyy!  :iconbrohugplz:
MarikosShade Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
:iconaahplz: THESE ARE SO COOL! The design and style and they're just awesome! :D
Citrus-Foreno Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
NO THEY'RE NOT COOL! WELL EXCEPT THE FIRST THREE! :iconcraiplz: Thank you; but they're still not as good as you. :iconlazysulkplz:

And I'll be waiting for your OC, MarikosShade-san! ^^
MarikosShade Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
THEY ARE SO!!!!!!!!!!

No no, its fine! XD I said I didn't need to make one
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